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Post opinion about not liking Joan Watson = lose 4 followers (so far).

Ok, bye then.

I call it fine-tuning the follower base. And (sorry if I hijack your post a bit) for me the issue isn’t so much liking or not liking something, it’s the notion that if someone doesn’t like what…

I think that’s the biggest problem with tumblr. I don’t know what the technical term for it is, but I DO know that when it’s easy in a community to self select so that you’re always surrounded by people who are exactly like you, you end up with a pretty terrifying community. Then anyone or any group that’s different becomes really different and “other”, so group mentality has a much stronger effect.



british boys: hey babe, how are you? you look lovely today

american boys: whaddup shawty you lookin hella fine winna winna chicken dinna hellz yeah lets get naked

arab guys: you want to make friendship

you’ve never met a british boy have you

Actually, in my experience, it’s more like:

British boys: Am I saying your name wrong? sorry, I must sound terrible, terribly sorry, so um, what are you reading there? Wow, your English is better than mine.

Arab guys: Here, I bought you these books, and I hope you like this necklace my sister picked out for you. Hey, do you wanna go shopping? Let’s go shopping. 





it’s the year 2081. facebook is now on a chip you implant into your hand that allows you to type your status in midair. twitter can be controlled with thoughts. tumblr still has the same damn video player.

and the BBC finally announced that Sherlock series 4 will premiere January 1st 2082

Madagascar 273 is out. They still haven’t found New York.

People still aren’t over the cancellation of Firefly.

J. K. Rowling’s estate has decided to publish the Encyclopedia posthumously and the Harry Potter fandom has risen.

(Source: junketsuqueen)


Fandom is knowing that, across the globe, hundreds of other people are screaming ‘NO FUCK YOU’ at their televisions and curling up on the floor and crying at exactly the same moment as you are.

To me, fandom will always mean standing with my parents in an empty book store at 1:45 am, waiting for the one remaining employee to open a cardboard box full of the new Potter books at exactly 2:00 am, because he’s legally obligated to keep the box intact till then and this is the only place in the country that has them at that moment, and knowing that everywhere around the world there are long lines of people, all waiting together to get their copies at the exact same time. Knowing that they’re in costume, that they’ve been waiting together for quite some time and have probably made lots of friends. That J. K. Rowling is reading from the first page to a room full of fans, so many fans, just as I’m reading it.

So yeah, in that shop in that city, sure, I was the insane girl who thought getting a book exactly at closing time was any better than buying it the next morning. Sure, the employee was baffled. Sure, I got well wishing texts from friends about how excited!! I must be and FINALLY the wait is over and Go get that book!  But I knew I was standing in a queue that was thousands long and I was making friends, all over the world at that exact moment.

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